Friday, July 17, 2009

there is a spa on that ranch?

Today my friend, A.S., from church took me to the spa for a pedicure. It is always fun to hang out with her and who doesn't LOVE a pedicure! We went to this ranch-like spa and discovered that they give complimentary beverages, so we enjoyed a glass of wine and laughed about her son's birthday party yesterday. (Star Wars themed complete with death Star piƱata and storm trooper cupcakes) When I got home I realized that my Cabana Banana nail polish and green flops matched the plants my my front door. What a fun day and early birthday present! Thank you, A.S, and btw, "You are such a kabuki queen."

Thursday, July 16, 2009

and boom goes the fireworks

Tiffani is at it again! She says, these are "My two feet (along with Heather's and Dave's) waiting for the Huntington Beach Fireworks." I'm sure Tiff had a great time. I know it was too hot in Texas for blankets at the fireworks. The boyfriend and I watched them inside a very tall (and air conditioned)building. We got to see fireworks all over the city.

What have you been doing to pass your time this July?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

summer is a time for swimming

Here's one from my old college friend, Josh. He has this really great friend that lets him crash their apartment complex pool pretty regularly and this is the view from area of relaxation. The Texas heat makes me wish I was there taking a dip, but my memories of Josh's hilarious demeanor and kind personality makes me want to be there more. Don't YOU want to be friend?

Thanks Josh, for the photo!

Monday, July 6, 2009

exercise does not seem to be "working out."

I've laced up some second hand sneakers and started the path to weight loss again. It's been about four weeks of strength training, cardio, and healthy eating and I have yet to see results, but I press on- with some adjustments. These are my feet, post workout, as I reflect on some things my "trainer" said today that makes me want to quit. Good thing I am not in it for him.

You may have noticed that I am back on my own two feet. I I have found myself a job! So, I am free to get up the little side projects in my life. In honor of my return to work, I would love for you to send photo of your feet at work. Look to the right for details.

Smell ya later!
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