Thursday, July 16, 2009

and boom goes the fireworks

Tiffani is at it again! She says, these are "My two feet (along with Heather's and Dave's) waiting for the Huntington Beach Fireworks." I'm sure Tiff had a great time. I know it was too hot in Texas for blankets at the fireworks. The boyfriend and I watched them inside a very tall (and air conditioned)building. We got to see fireworks all over the city.

What have you been doing to pass your time this July?

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Tiffani R said...

Its really surprising how cool the temperatures are at the beach - even in the middle of day (today it will be 70 at the beach)! The wind blows constantly from the ocean, bringing a brisk breeze off the cold Pacific. In the evening the wind dies down some, but the sun goes down.
At the time we took that picture we were all wearing long pants, long sleeves and sweatshirts - PLUS a blanket and our towels around our feet! The fireworks were fantastic and totally worth the wait - and the cold. :)

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